impress.ai launches its end-to-end recruitment solutions for a major utilities group

impress.ai has today announced a partnership with one of the largest utility companies in Asia to revamp and modernize its recruitment, ensuring it secures the right candidates for its business growth. 

Singapore: Leading recruitment automation solution, impress.ai has been selected by one of Asia’s largest utility providers to increase hiring accuracy and modernize the recruitment process. 

Through impress.ai’s AI-powered, end-to-end recruitment solutions, the client will streamline its entire hiring process. By leveraging impress.ai to handle several touchpoints in the recruitment lifecycle, the client can focus on finding the best candidates to drive its smart energy mission.

The solutions will see the company automate resume screening, scoring, evaluation, and candidate assessment, engagement, and onboarding to increase hiring quality, efficiency, and accuracy in a competitive market for talent. 

The end-to-end recruitment platform ensures a better candidate experience, streamlines candidate engagement, provides personalized communication, and strengthens candidate relationships. 

impress.ai was selected for the partnership based on its deep expertise and proven track record in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency, reducing manual effort, and future-proofing the recruitment process.

About impress.ai

impress.ai is a leading end-to-end recruitment solutions provider with a focus on making accurate hiring easier. Powered by AI, impress.ai’s intelligent recruitment platform enables businesses to streamline their end-to-end recruitment process. impress.ai helps enterprises screen, engage, and hire the best talent with accuracy, consistency, & efficiency. We have partnered with leading businesses globally, offering 24/7 recruitment capability, helping them qualify the best candidates, increasing their hiring efficiency, and improving employee retention while consistently delivering superior candidate experience.  

Headquartered in Singapore, impress.ai has a regional presence in the USA, Australia, India, and Indonesia. impress.ai was accredited by IMDA under the Accreditation@SG:D programme and has won ‘Silver’ in the Most Promising Innovation category at SG:D Techblazer Awards 2020.

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