Understanding the power of AI in recruitment

How we deliver fair hiring

Tools to eliminate human biases from recruitment

  • Chatbot

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Answering candidates

  • Manage workflows

  • Candidate dashboard

  • Content catalogue

  • Hiding biasing info

  • Rating candidate answers

  • Candidate profile

  • Universal search

  • 1. Easily create fully or partially automated workflows with multiple sections.

  • 2. Include third party or built-in skill assessments.

  • 3. Add employer branding modules and configure resume scoring, pre-screening, scoring, and manual approval stages.

  • Gives the recruiter a detailed view of the ongoing hiring process which includes the unbiased hiring score, drop off rate, applicants per stage, and much more.

  • The chatbot continues to show an impressive accuracy rate for most of the candidate queries, which contributes to a superior candidate experience.

  • The Manage Workflow Dashboard provides the recruiter with a systematic display of the candidates in their ongoing recruitment stages.

  • By displaying the various stages of their application process, the Candidate Dashboard makes the entire process transparent and reliable for the candidate.

  • The platform consists of a curated list of assessments, screening questions, and other content necessary for you to get started. These lists are based on proven research and industry knowledge.

  • The AI platform promotes diversity by hiding all biasing information and focuses on accurate hiring. It does so by highlighting the information needed for making the right decision.

  • Making assessments is a hassle-free process on the platform- it allows the recruiter to manage the candidates and easily review their answers.

  • The Candidate Profile is a summarized version of important information gathered from their resumes and other data submitted as part of application process. This feature makes it easier to get a fair idea about the candidate.

  • The platform makes it possible to search for any candidate across any requisitions. It allows you to get all the necessary information like the resume, their answers to questions, their profiles, etc. in a matter of seconds.

For Recruiters

Machine Learning

  • Free text evaluation

    Our AI engine can rate short free text answers based on as few as 15-30 sample data points.

  • 24/7 concierge

    The platform learns to answer candidate queries and reach 95%+ accuracy in answering correctly. New questions are added as new learning when asked by candidates.

  • Smart Scoring

    The AI suggests enhancements to scoring criteria based on shortlisting and rejection decisions by the recruiter.

Enhanced Recruiter Experience

  • Coherent operations

    Ensures seamless integrations with existing HR tech-stack.

  • Easy service

    It's a self-service platform designed to enable smooth collaboration within recruiter teams.

  • Reliable data

    Delivers robust dashboards and analytics.

For the Candidate

Natural Language Processing

  • Futuristic models

    impress.ai's deep learning based models result in a smooth interview experience.

  • Personalised interactions

    Proprietary complex State Management and contextual awareness allows the conversation for each candidate to be hyper-personalised.

  • Intelligent designs

    Technology is presented to drive better candidate experience- IO psychology inspires the design of the product and incorporation of AI through NLP.


  • Outcome v/s Metrics

    impress.ai presents AI to drive better outcomes and not intimidate via vanity metrics. The end goal is about pushing for better results through AI+UX.

  • Enables Transparency

    It gives insights into how decisions are being made and what is causing the AI to do certain things rather than using them as buzzwords.

  • Smart usage

    The effectiveness of machine learning models and AI is in how you use them. The good thing about having our in-house PhDs and scientific team is that we don't take shortcuts like using Google Translate for translation.

For the Organisation

Unbiased Hiring

  • Hiding irrelevant information

    To view potentially biasing information before shortlisting candidates requires the company to disable a filter. Shortlisting that’s done without the bias filter is audited and brought to the attention of senior management.

  • Organised information

    impress.ai platform categorises and structures candidate applications into smaller pieces that can be tagged, reviewed, and analysed individually.

  • Objective and data-driven

    Focus on the candidate’s suitability for the job and hiring decisions are made based on their merit.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Achieving diversity goals

    Organisations which have identified problems with diversity in hiring, have the option to request certain data from applicants during the Chatbot interview.

  • Self identification

    The platform allows applicants to self-identify their Nationality, Disability, or other requirements during the Chatbot screening & interview.

  • Structured screening

    By having a structured screening tool in place, you are ensuring that all applicants are being screened to the exact same criteria, thus ensuring a fair evaluation.

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