Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline Your Candidate Relationships with impress.ai

Build and manage your candidate pool

Effortlessly create and maintain a robust candidate pool with impress.ai’s CRM. Centralize candidate information in one place, eliminating manual tracking and disorganized spreadsheets. Easily retrieve and manage candidate profiles, track their progress, and stay organized throughout the recruitment process.

Enrich your candidate relationships with real-time communication

Enrich candidate relationships through personalized and real-time communication. Engage with candidates using our AI-powered virtual assistants, SMS, WhatsApp, or emails, addressing queries and providing timely updates on application status. Enhance the candidate experience and boost your employer brand with efficient and personalized communication.

Outreach candidates with suitable job opportunities

Craft personalized messages and keep candidates engaged and informed about suitable job opportunities and keep them informed on the recruitment journey. Segment your candidate pool based on specific criteria to ensure relevant and impactful communication.

Gain insights and ensure compliance

Gain valuable insights with our CRM’s built-in analytics and reporting capabilities. Track candidate engagement, response rates, and conversion rates to optimize recruitment strategies. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations through secure storage and controlled access to candidate information.