Partners and integrations

Partners that ensure effective results

Collaborating with our partners and integrations help you save time by streamlining the application process.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Our ATS integrations result in a seamless experience for recruiters by making ATS your one dependable and detailed source of data for candidates. This is enriched by our in-built experience layer.


Assessments are a great way to measure culture fit. impress.ai solves the challenge of time consumption that comes with administering these tests, generating links, dealing with expired links and seeing if they match the requirement.

Coding Assessments

Our platform makes it possible to imagine code assessments being administered based on the candidates chosen skill set. A data scientist who prefers R to Python, gives them a personalised assessment through our coding assessment integrations.

Video Interviewing Platforms

Administering video interviews to all the applicants can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. impress.ai allows you to create smart filters that let you maintain consistency and stick to your budget while still video interviewing all your top candidates.


impress.ai takes care of finding a slot for face-to-face interviews that works for both you and your candidates.

Proctoring Automation

Maintain the highest standards of fairness and integrity while conducting online assessments, enhancing the candidate experience.

Don’t see the partner you are looking for? We're always looking to add more technology to our integrations. Write to us and we will get on it.

Becoming an integrations partner means that we will work in tandem while guaranteeing the best user experience for our shared clientelle. This will ensure a smooth user journey and a lasting relationship.

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