Resume Scoring and Ranking

Elevate shortlisting with AI-driven resume scoring and ranking

Accurate resume parsing for improved assessments

Our powerful resume parsing system accurately evaluates candidates’ qualifications, saving you valuable time and resources. Experience the ease and efficiency of an automated recruitment process that streamlines candidate evaluation. Minimize the risk of overlooking potential top performers by leveraging AI-powered resume analysis.

Enhance data gathering with Conversational AI

Bridge the information gap and improve the candidate experience by leveraging Conversational AI. Reduce recruiter workload while ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s potential, paving the way for informed decision-making. Enhance communication with candidates and foster an engaging experience that sets your organization apart.

Customize evaluation metrics for precision shortlisting

Transform your recruitment strategy with AI/ML algorithms that help you define and assign weightages to skills, experience, keywords and qualifications. Tailor your approach to ensure you attract and retain the most suitable candidates for your organization. Stay ahead of the competition by prioritizing the most relevant skills and experiences in your candidate selection process.

Ensure transparency and explainability in your hiring process

Objectively evaluate candidates' resumes by assessing them against predefined criteria, thereby eliminating subjective biases and providing a clear, data-driven approach to candidate evaluation. With specific skills and keywords that contribute to the overall ranking displayed transparently, enhance the credibility of your hiring process.

360-degree dashboards for comprehensive resume score and rank

Gain a holistic view of each candidate’s performance through personalized dashboards. Evaluates candidate skills and expertise through rich taxonomies and critical keywords, and analyze candidate responses to generate a comprehensive resume score tailored to your job description. Analyze scoring across various parameters to ensure a clear understanding of how each candidate stacks up against your organization’s requirements.