Compliance and Security

Experience unparalleled compliance and security with us

Benefit from robust data encryption and protection

Put your mind at ease knowing that impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform prioritizes data security. Our advanced encryption and protection methods safeguard your sensitive information, such as personal details and resumes, providing a secure environment for your recruitment process.

Keep your peace of mind by staying compliant with data privacy laws

Navigating the complexities of data privacy laws is no small task. impress.ai’s platform adheres to stringent data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regional legislations, ensuring your recruitment process remains compliant. By staying up-to-date with evolving privacy requirements, you can focus on finding the best talent while maintaining legal compliance.

Discover the confidence of certified and secure recruitment

With impress.ai, you are in safe hands. We are SOC2 Type 2, ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018 certified, which are renowned standards for information security management. These certifications are a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest level of data security and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

Promote fairness through anonymized screening and evaluation

Our platform promotes unbiased recruitment by anonymizing candidate data during the screening and evaluation process. This feature allows you to assess candidates based on their skills and qualifications, fostering a fair and inclusive hiring process. With impress.ai, you can build a diverse workforce while upholding your organization’s commitment to equality.

Increase transparency using audit trails and documentation

impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform provides complete visibility into your hiring process with comprehensive audit trails and documentation. Track candidate progress, monitor team member actions, and review decisions with ease. This level of transparency helps you identify areas for improvement and ensures accountability within your recruitment process.

Safeguard sensitive information with customizable access and user permissions

Control who can access your recruitment data with impress.ai’s customizable user permissions. Limit access to sensitive information, delegate responsibilities, and maintain a secure environment by granting permissions based on roles and responsibilities. You can designate different levels of access to recruiters and hiring managers, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and manage candidate information.