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AI-driven academic hiring and admission solutions that power the best institutions in the world.

Effortless candidate screening for top-tier candidate and student selection

Be it identifying the top candidates for your faculty or research roles, or the top students for your academic programs, transform your selection process with our advanced AI-powered platform. Efficiently screen applicants to identify the best-fit candidates/students for your institution, creating a seamless and cost-effective selection process that sets you apart.

Engaging prospective candidate/students for maximum impact

Deliver a memorable recruitment/admission experience with our AI-powered virtual assistant. Keep applicants informed and engaged throughout their enrollment journey while showcasing your institution’s commitment to fostering a supportive and innovative academic environment.

Seamless communication for real-time support

Bridge the gap between applicants and your institution with real-time communication features. Provide instant guidance, answer questions, and offer support throughout the enrolment journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient admissions process for all parties.

Comprehensive candidate assessments for informed admissions decisions

Unlock your applicants’ full potential with our AI-driven candidate qualification and screening. Gain critical insights into their skills, competencies, and potential, empowering your recruitment team to make informed decisions and enroll the most promising students.

Unleash your recruitment potential with actionable analytics

Keep track of vital metrics like time-to-shortlist, applicant pipeline, drop-off rates, confidence scores, and assessment scores. Our visualizations empower you with valuable insights to pinpoint areas for improvement in your selection process. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your workflow, all while engaging in meaningful conversations with your applicants.