Resume screening automation: The key to accurate hiring

“The playing field is poised to become a lot more competitive, and businesses that don’t deploy AI and data to help them innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage.”                                                         

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT initiative on the digital economy

Creating a robust talent pipeline is a critical step when it comes to building a successful team. However, to achieve it, a significant amount of time and energy must go into sourcing and screening candidates. And this can be an expensive, time-consuming activity for recruiters and HR teams who could otherwise add more value up the chain. 

The good news is that this can all be automated, saving significant time and money and even increasing efficiencies in onboarding new hires. Here, explore the challenges of resume screening in high volume scenarios, how technology is responding, and why organizations should consider an AI-driven solution.

  • The challenges of manual resume screening

    Manual screening of resumes presents a number of challenges for recruiters and HR professionals.

    1. There is the time and resourcing consideration.

    Manually screening a high volume of applications takes up significant time and resources that could be deployed to more strategic recruitment activities. In addition, it can make your recruitment process lengthy, which leads to top talent dropout and can exacerbate productivity gaps in your organization. 

    2. It can leave the hiring process open to human bias.

    Whether a bias is conscious or unconscious, research shows that humans all have preferences that affect our decision-making. And when it comes to recruitment, these biases can lead to discrimination in the hiring process and a lack of workplace diversity. 

    3. It can cause wide variations in candidate quality.

    Whether you have one person or a team reviewing resumes, manual screening makes it very difficult to put objective parameters in place. Even with benchmarking and score-card tools, significant subjectivity is at play. 

    4. It can lead to uninformed decisions.

    We know the average human attention span is 8 seconds. This also aligns with data out of the recruitment sector that says recruiters give each resume just 7.4 seconds. Whether this second statistic is a product of a lack of attention span or a lack of time can certainly be debated. Regardless, it’s imperative to consider how much helpful information can be discerned about a candidate in such a short amount of time. 

    All of this points to one conclusion. Manual screening can and often does lead to the wrong hire. And that can be incredibly costly for any business. 

  • How technology is responding to the challenges  

    Automating the recruitment screening process offers the hiring accuracy, scalability, and reliability to build human resources capital at the required velocity to support business growth.  

    Automation streamlines the review process by pre-selecting the most qualified resume based on intelligent keyword matching. In addition, users can establish set criteria against which each resume is measured. The system then rejects or advances applications based on these specific criteria. 

    These solutions significantly reduce the time burden in the early recruitment stages, ensuring human resources can be deployed to the higher value activities and speeding up the entire recruitment process. In addition, they enable recruiters and employers to promptly and efficiently communicate with candidates to keep them engaged at every step. Not only does this reduce attrition, but it is key to delivering a winning candidate experience.  

  • The role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Today’s best-in-breed resume automation solutions, like impress.ai, are driven by the latest RPA and AI technologies. 

    These solutions streamline the entire recruitment process by leveraging intelligent automation, enabling organizations to shortlist resumes and candidates on a simple, rules engine that matches the right candidates with the skill sets required. Here’s how it works:

    1. The RPA bot accesses multiple job portals to download resumes from various channels. (In addition, with RPA-enabled systems, applications are stored directly in the organization’s recruitment system.) 

    2. The bot matches resume against pre-defined criteria set by the recruiter or employer, categorizing them into those that meet it and those that don’t. 

    3. The bot shares the recruitment screening report with the recruiter or employer.

    4. If configured to do so, the bot can take follow-up actions based on the category of a resume, such as sending communications to unsuccessful candidates.

    5. The bot can then also send pre-defined online assessments/tests to the selected candidates, using the results in sorting or shortlisting processes.

    By analyzing existing records for hiring patterns, AI-driven solutions learn a company’s hiring preferences and apply them to the recruitment process. And because preferences change, learning is continuous. The machine learning algorithms constantly update the scoring systems based on who are you are hiring currently.  

    It also eliminates bias by removing details such as names, gender, racial references, or even suggestive phrases from the application. And when audited regularly and managed by talent acquisition professionals who understand the issues, AI resume screening results in faster, more accurate hiring. 

  • Look for reliable, trusted tech to deliver long-term value 

    A streamlined process is critical to achieving fair, accurate, and fast hiring. However, with the marketplace growing rapidly, organizations must be responsible consumers, looking for reliable and trustworthy HR tech platforms to deliver maximized, sustainable benefits.  

    The right solutions will deliver: 

    • Higher efficiency and scale
    • Increased accuracy 
    • Reduced unconsciousness bias
    • Seamless high volume recruitment
    • A superior candidate experience
  • Explore best-in-breed solutions with impress.ai  

    Impress.ai has been delivering leading HR tech solutions in Asia and across the globe since 2017. Our AI-powered platforms run the recruitment process at all stages, from pre-screening to onboarding, promotions, learning, and even internal mobility, accurately and autonomously.

    With intelligent workflows, impress.ai can even use conversational bots to conduct structured, competency-based interviews underpinned by organizational psychology. Our goal is to save recruiters and HR teams time while eliminating bias and delivering a highly-qualified shortlist. 

    Here are some examples of our solutions in action:

    Regional development bank eliminates manual processes, furthers digital aspirations, and achieves more accurate hiring with impress.ai

    Global RPO specialist delivers enhanced candidate experience and cuts costs for a global investment bank with impress.ai 

    Singtel delivers engaging candidate experience and automates screening to achieve better recruitment outcomes with impress.ai

  • What could a partnership with impress.ai do for you? 

    Drop us a line at sales@impress.ai to discuss your recruitment aspirations and explore how our solution can help you realize them. 

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