Global RPO specialist enhances candidate experience and cuts costs for a global investment bank with impress.ai

72 hours

To process 94% of applications

80 days

Of recruiter time saved

  • Global RPO


  • ~1000


  • United Kingdom


“Feedback from both clients and candidates has been exceptional. Candidates love using it, as they can interact and receive a response at any time and place – enjoying the fully mobile and seamless process.”

Global RPO Specialist

  • Challenge

    As a specialist in permanent Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), the client manages the recruitment process for an extensive portfolio of local and global clients. It is known for cutting clients’ hiring costs while delivering an enhanced candidate experience. The challenge for the team was finding ways to boost internal productivity while maintaining a cost- effective solution.

  • Results

    Powered by impress.ai, a customisable, automated workflow offers a seamless candidate experience, decreasing hiring time and eliminating bias while saving money and increasing productivity.

  • Business Benefits

    A partnership with impress.ai has enabled the RPO specialist to enhance its offering with a seamless candidate experience that increases internal efficiency while delivering impressive results for its clients.

  • The Background

    The Global RPO specialist wanted to boost client productivity and further support business and recruitment goals without

    significantly increasing costs for their clients. Working in close partnership with both global organisations with demanding resourcing strategies and single sites with lower recruitment volumes, the team needed a flexible, customisable solution that could work for clients across the spectrum.

    The Solution

    With impress.ai, the RPO specialist has a customisable, AI-powered workflow that guides candidates through an intelligent, automated hiring process. The cost-effective solution supports candidates through every step of the application and screening phases, progressing best-fit candidates and scheduling interviews without human intervention. It even responds to candidate FAQs accurately and instantly, delivering a winning experience 24/7 and reducing candidate drop-off.

    This always-on, seamless experience allows the RPO specialist’s recruiters to deliver a faster, more efficient, accurate, and unbiased hiring solution for their clients. This, in turn, gives the RPO specialist’s team time back to focus on the activities that drive more value for their clients, including candidate sourcing and final interviewing.


    The Results

    impress.ai’s intervention significantly improved candidate experience and reduced time and costs for the RPO specialist, leading to significant benefits for its clients. In just a single use case, for a global investment bank, the results included:

    Reviewing 94% of applications in a high-volume process in just 72 hours

    Saving 80.7 days of team productivity

    Answering 90% of candidate FAQs accurately

    Achieving a winning candidate experience, with a 94.5% candidate satisfaction rating

    Saving the bank approximately SGD $28,245

    Improving hiring diversity by reducing human bias while getting approval from 99% of candidates to disclose their gender to analyse and enhance the shortlisting process

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