How Singtel automated pre-screening & competency- based assessment with impress.ai.


Response accuracy


Candidates reviewed

  • Telecom


  • 20,000


  • Singapore


“The platform is user friendly and we like how the dashboard can be customised to make hiring decisions faster. More importantly, it helped to enhance our candidate experience
– we are glad that many candidates liked Kate and enjoyed interacting with her.”

Hui Qi Teo

Manager, Talent Management


  • Requirements

    Singtel HR team’s goal was to provide a seamless experience for candidates in their multi-stage assessment process on a single chat-based platform. They also wanted Robotic Process Automation (RPAs) to handle manual, repetitive tasks previously managed by the team.

  • Solutions

    impress provides a seamless application experience for candidates in a multi-stage assessment process in recruitment using an automated and centralised AI-based platform. Our platform also helped automate repetitive and low value-added tasks for recruiters.

  • Results

    Offered an engaging experience for all candidates, helping to make the multi-stage assessment process more seamless. Helped create a centralised dashboard for recruiters which uses data analytics to provide insights around leading indicators of talent attrition and potential.

  • Starting the journey to provide a seamless experience for candidates in a multi-stage assessment process using a single chat-based platform.

    Singtel wanted to create a seamless candidate experience for the Singtel Management Associate Programme which has a multi-stage assessment process. The two-year programme, which is designed to nurture effective leaders for tomorrow’s digital economy, is one of the most popular and prestigious roles for fresh or recent graduates in Singapore, receiving a high volume of candidates every year. Due to the application process, reviewing the multiple assessments and shortlisting candidates for the next stage required a lot of time and effort on the recruiter’s side.

    The company started researching RPAs to aid in providing a seamless experience for candidates in the application process, as well as save recruiter time that was being spent on manual, repetitive tasks. Due to the high volume of applicants, they chose Impress as the platform specialises in high volume recruitment.


    “Kate came along as the team wanted to humanise the chatbot and provide a warm persona to interact with the candidates and bring them through the various stages of the selection process beyond the initial screening.”


    Introduction to Kate: the “invisible” colleague working alongside Singtel’s HR team

    Kate, an ‘invisible’ colleague was deployed to work alongside the Singtel HR team, in the form of a chatbot-platform to manage the Singtel Management Associate Programme.

    Recruiters and candidates loved Kate and it showed in the numbers: for Singtel, 99.9% of candidates being reviewed and informed within a couple of months showed high recruiter usage of the platform – and meant that candidates were hearing back on their applications much faster. Kate was able to respond to candidate queries with an accuracy of 95.9% – saving recruiter effort.

    How Singtel’s HR team achieved major milestones with impress.ai for the Management Associate Programme.

    Singtel now delivers an engaging candidate experience for candidates with a faster, automated recruitment solution – Kate.

    impress.ai’s interactive job application process in a multi-staged recruitment process helped create a seamless and enhanced experience for both Singtel’s candidates and recruiters through an automated & centralised chat-based platform. Recruiters were able to consolidate all information and assessment score on one dashboard, and candidates were able to manage their application on their one source of truth, Kate.

    • Time efficiency

      Recruiters save time in reviewing hundreds of applications and triggering external assessments

    • Screening

      Recruiters can administer all assessments in one place and review candidates’ results at the same time

    • Fairness

      Hiding biasing information and assessing candidates objectively drives performance-based decisions - 100% unbiased hiring score

    • Availability

      Candidates can access the bot 24/7 – close to 10% are talking to Kate outside working hours

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