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The artificial intelligence recruitment software offered by Impress can deliver greater hiring efficiency with vastly improved recruitment metrics. The chatbot utilises cutting-edge technology for evaluating all the candidates who apply for job openings. The chatbot helps the recruiters in going beyond the resume and collecting crucial information about the candidates. Based on machine learning, the platform learns from the recruiters for shortlisting the right candidates and also gives scores for easy comparison. Moreover, it can simulate human conversations with the candidates and resolve their queries in real-time. It can be easily plugged with the existing tools to create a robust and powerful hiring system.

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Used and trusted by
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Used and trusted by
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Applicant tracking system
Our ATS integrations help ensure a seamless experience for recruiters by ensuring that your ATS remains your single source of truth for candidates while we build the experience layer on top of it.
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Behavior assessments
Psychometric assessments, gamified assessments, cognitive tests, etc. are a great ways to measure culture fit. However, administering them, generating links, dealing with expired links and seeing if they match your criteria, are essential but time-consuming parts of using these tools. Impress takes this pain away.
Coding assessments
Imagine coding assessments being administered based on the candidates chosen skill set? A data scientist who prefers R to Python, give them a personalized assessment through our coding assessment integrations.
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Video interviews
Administering video interviews to all candidates who apply can be an expensive and time-consuming affair and reviewing more than a few can increase inconsistency. Create smart filters that ensure you stick to your budget while still video interviewing all your top candidates.
Let impress take care of finding a slot for face to face interviews that works for both you and your candidates.
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