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The Background

The client, a global consulting major, operates in a competitive industry where finding the right talent is crucial as the consulting landscape requires professionals with specialized skills, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of business complexities. As traditional methods of hiring were no longer sufficient, the client sought a more efficient and accurate solution to automate their candidate screening process.

The Challenge

Managing a large volume of candidates and spending an average of 10 minutes per candidate reviewing resumes was time-consuming and inefficient for the client’s recruiters. The shortlisting criteria had subtle differences based on different geography spanning across Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia, requiring unique algorithms for accurate evaluation. Around 30% of the required information for shortlisting was often missing from candidates’ resumes, leading to potential inaccuracies in the evaluation process.

The Solution

The client partnered with impress.ai to take advantage of its advanced automated resume screening solution. By utilizing impress.ai’s shortlisting and screening capabilities, the client successfully screened candidates from various geographic regions, resulting in an initial shortlist of qualified individuals. 

As the client looks ahead to achieve an exceptional shortlist of candidates, impress.ai has proposed the implementation of an interactive conversational AI-powered virtual assistant. This integrated approach combines the power of automated resume scoring with virtual assistant-based screening, aiming to deliver a near-perfect selection of shortlisted candidates. By engaging candidates in conversations, the virtual assistant will ensure a comprehensive evaluation, capturing any essential skills that may have been overlooked in simple resume screening. This innovative strategy is poised to provide an accurate and comprehensive shortlist of candidates.

The Results

  • Over 75% of time saved on resume screening
  • Reduced time to hire from weeks to days
  • Immediate interview scheduling using auto-scheduling feature

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