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impress.ai helps CapitaLand hire the best talent in a tight candidate market

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Productivity Improved

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Cost Saved

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“impress.ai enables us to screen and recruit top talents with speed and scale, keeping candidates engaged throughout a multistage process, and ultimately, increasing hiring accuracy.”

Angeline Oh
Head, Group Human Resources
CapitaLand Investment Limited

  • Challenge

    CapitaLand receives a high volume of applications each year for its sought-after Graduate Development Programme. Manually screening and assessing a high volume of candidates was resource intensive, resulting in a long-drawn process for candidates and recruiters alike.

  • Results

    impress.ai’s AI-powered end-to-end recruitment platform centralised and automated the multi-stage assessment process for CapitaLand’s Graduate Development Programme. Candidates were guided through the entire process covering application, pre-screening, competency assessments, video interview, case studies and psychometric assessment. The average time taken by a candidate to complete the process was reduced to 16 hours and 24 minutes. The improved recruitment process has helped to generate a high-quality shortlist in a time-efficient manner.

  • Business Benefits

    With impress.ai, CapitaLand is delivering a winning candidate experience that engages top talent while saving time and money, giving the recruitment team time to invest in strategic and value-added activities.

  • The Background

    CapitaLand is a forward-thinking organisation that puts sustainability at the core of what it does. To continue with its rapid growth trajectory and drive its mission, the group hires top talent across Asia. CapitaLand wanted a fast and efficient recruitment process that delivered an interactive candidate experience to engage the best talent. However, with a high-volume and manual screening process, it took up to three months to accurately screen and assess candidates. In a competitive market, this ran the risk of losing top graduates to other offers.

    The Solution

    CapitaLand selected impress.ai on the strength of its proven track record, to help the company achieve its recruitment goals efficiently. Today, CapitaLand has a seamless, automated application-to-shortlist process that is completed in an average time of 16 hours and 24 minutes per candidate, a significant improvement from the manual process it used to take in the past.

    impress.ai automated the entire recruitment process, from the first interaction to candidate shortlisting. Candidates who passed the pre-screening were guided to the first round of assessments, where they were evaluated based on their skills and competencies. The assessments were then graded by artificial intelligence to progress those who had achieved the required results to a video interview. Conducted by an intelligent conversational virtual assistant named Clara, the video interview was then graded and suitable candidates were advanced to a case study challenge. Upon completing all assessments and evaluations, the AI system scored and ranked candidates based on their skills, competency and fit for the role, enabling CapitaLand’s recruiters to select the best-qualified candidates.

    In addition, the solution delivered a seamless, 24/7 candidate experience by using Clara, the conversational virtual assistant, to respond to candidate questions anytime, anywhere. The first iteration of Clara handled 3,611 candidate enquiries, of which, 44% took place after office hours, demonstrating its value in saving recruiters’ time and increasing candidate engagement. Overall, the end-to-end recruitment experience achieved high engagement with candidates, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.67 out of 5.

    The Results

    impress.ai delivered an interactive, engaging candidate experience that:

    Increased hiring speed, accuracy and diversity in a high-volume process

    Reduced candidate drop-off and increased engagement with an average satisfaction rating of 4.67/5

    Saved CapitaLand Group 21.4 days of productivity and SGD 7,505 worth of recruiter time on every intake

    Achieved cost savings of SGD 25, 064 on screening alone

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