A US-based staffing company achieved a 3x faster time-to-hire with impress.ai


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The Background

The client, a US-based staffing company serving the IT industry,  recognized the intense competition for hiring the most qualified candidates within a short timeframe. To gain an advantage, they needed to rapidly and efficiently screen, shortlist, and upload applicants to agency portals. However, performing these tasks manually can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a large volume of applications. Therefore, the client chose to leverage impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform to overcome these challenges.

The Solution

The client used impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform for candidate screening and candidate evaluation to streamline and speed up its recruitment process. The solution was offered as multiple autonomous workflows to conduct candidate pre-screening, candidate deep screening, candidate scoring, candidate ranking, and shortlisting.

Within half a day, impress.ai’s workflows were set up, and the client began their candidate marketing. They customized the pre-screening criteria and set deep-screening parameters based on the job requirements. Candidates who met the pre-screening criteria were moved to the deep-screening stage, where text-based evaluation questions were asked. Powered by natural language processing algorithms, impress.ai’s resume scoring and ranking feature allowed recruiters to analyze, score, and rank candidate responses. This ensured that qualified candidates were shortlisted instantly, helping the client stay ahead of the competition.

By using impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform, our client could reduce the time and effort required for candidate screening and evaluation while still maintaining high-quality standards. The platform enabled the client to secure top talent and upload candidate information to client-agency portals in a fast and efficient manner.

The Results

impress.ai’s recruitment automation platform has automated screening, assessing, and evaluating candidates. The results are:

    • Within 30 days, the number of hires increased 10x
    • 3x faster time-to-hire
    • 87% candidate completion rate
    • Saved 8.5 hours per recruiter hour per day 


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