Source candidates effectively

From job boards, candidate referrals, and candidate pipeline to social sourcing, we leverage artificial intelligence to ensure efficient, fast, and cost-effective sourcing.

Key Features:

  • Job board integrations
  • Candidate referrals
  • Social sourcing
  • Candidate pipeline


Screen candidates efficiently

Our end-to-end recruitment platform screens candidates to identify top talent. Recruiters won’t waste their time on unqualified applicants, enabling them to focus on the most-suited talent to ensure fast, accurate hiring.

Key Features:

  • Pre-screening
  • Self screening
  • Multi-step screening
  • PII to Non-PII for unbiased decision making


Engage candidates seamlessly

Our platform enables recruiters to quickly identify and engage with top talent from the first interaction to onboarding. In addition, it ensures real-time engagement with candidates, reducing dropouts and vastly improving the candidate experience.

Key Features:

  • Personalized reminders
  • Omni-channel support
  • Candidate engagement
  • Employer branding

Assessing & Evaluating

Assess & evaluate accurately

Our proprietary competency-based assessments and score-based evaluation methodology ensure transparency and accuracy when evaluating and assessing candidates. Our platform digs deep into candidates’ skills and experiences against their fit, without bias.

Key Features:

  • Competency based assessments
  • Weightage based evaluation
  • Free text evaluation
  • Third party score evaluation


Onboard new hires effortlessly

Our platform ensures a simple, automated, and effortless onboarding process for new hires. We streamline and personalize complex onboarding experiences with a focus on delivering superior employer branding and a winning candidate experience.

Key Features:

  • Digital document collection
  • Automated reference checks
  • Company culture introduction
  • Pre-boarding