End-to-end recruitment platform

An AI-powered end-to-end recruitment platform that takes the hassle out of hiring by automating the recruitment process. The platform gives talent acquisition teams complete control over their recruitment processes, from sourcing and screening to evaluating and onboarding candidates. With the impress.ai platform, recruiters can find the best candidates, mitigate human bias, engage candidates seamlessly, and make better decisions faster.

Simple & self-service

impress.ai platform allows recruiters to source, screen, engage, evaluate, and onboard best-fit candidates without any assistance. With its simple, self-serve, and easy-to-use design, the platform enables recruiters and hiring managers to navigate effortlessly with minimal technical knowledge or training. The intuitive and streamlined recruitment platform guides talent acquisition professionals throughout the recruitment process, enabling them to create customized recruiting workflows in a few simple steps.

Intelligent automation

Powered by intelligent automation, the platform simplifies recruitment processes from sourcing, screening, engaging, and evaluating candidates. It enables recruiters to dedicate their time and efforts to build meaningful relationships with candidates while automating time-consuming, complex, and repetitive manual tasks. Leveraging AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants, the platform keeps candidates informed and engaged in real-time throughout the recruiting process.

AI/ML-based assessments & evaluations

Equipped with proprietary AI/ML algorithms, the platform lets talent acquisition professionals assess and evaluate candidates quickly and efficiently. Leveraging AI-based candidate assessments and evaluations, the platform digs deep into candidates’ skills and experiences to evaluate their fit, without bias.

Seamless integrations

The platform seamlessly integrates with leading third-party assessments, CRMs, and ATS platforms to ensure a smooth, efficient, and seamless end-to-end recruiting experience. It removes the hassles of using multiple disconnected systems and eliminates manual errors resulting in a higher candidate retention.

Built-in analytics

The platform offers customized analytics dashboards for recruiters, candidates, and business leaders at all stages of the recruitment life cycle. With the impress.ai platform, recruitment stakeholders have access to accurate and actionable insights, enabling real-time, data-driven hiring decisions. Built-in analytics allows business leaders to take proactive decisions to reduce time to hire, improve hiring quality, deliver a seamless candidate experience, and achieve a high return on investment.

Real-time engagement

The platform ensures intelligent candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process. With the impress.ai platform, recruiters can communicate effectively and efficiently with the candidates, helping them stay engaged at every stage of the recruitment journey. It Identifies candidate context, triggers appropriate actions, and regularly captures candidate feedback in real-time, helping companies act proactively.

Compliance & security

The platform safeguards and maintains the privacy of candidates’ personal information and other sensitive data with our proprietary PII to non-PII conversion module. The module converts and masks personally identifiable information while giving talent acquisition professionals control over permissions for each role to ensure they comply with local regulations. In addition, the platform follows standard industry guidelines to meet national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data.