Screen your candidates efficiently

Resume parsing and scoring

We parse every resume that comes to the platform, formatting it in a structured way to enable automated analysis. Using natural language processing technology, we extract over 100 fields from each resume, minimizing data entry hassles for candidates. Our resume-scoring technology scores resume relevance, reduces the time spent on manual resume reviews by up to 90%, increasing hiring efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Conversational virtual assistants

Our AI-powered virtual assistants interact with and capture candidates' responses conversationally. They engage candidates with your employer brand and allow them to learn about the employee value proposition and benefits. The virtual assistant's ability to answer frequently asked questions projects consideration and thoughtfulness to the candidates. Additionally, by combining resume-based questions and conversational profile-building, the virtual assistants mimic screening interviews and help you complete the first-level screening while digging deeper into the resume.

Pre-screen candidates

We pre-screen each candidate to help you screen in or screen out candidates. The platform allows you to set eligibility criteria and decide how to respond to candidates who do not meet the requirements while automatically advancing candidates who do. Automated reminders help maximize candidate completion rates.

Deep screening

We have multiple types of deep screening capabilities:

1. Built-in knowledge and skill tests (Express Assessments)
2. Case study and Situational Judgment tests
3. Third-party assessment tests

      a. Coding assessments
      b. Personality assessments
      c. Asynchronous video interview
      d. Skill & Competency assessments

Candidate scoring & ranking

Candidates are scored and stack-ranked based on the relevance of their resume, their answers to the knowledge and skill questions, and their assessment scores. This helps you identify and shortlist quality candidates accurately and without bias. Our Smart-Score algorithm enables you to tune the weightage of all the attributes used in generating the score, resulting in a unique hiring algorithm for your specific requirements. Over time, this allows you to identify and analyse predictors of candidate suitability in every stage of the recruitment funnel.