Engage seamlessly with your candidates

AI-powered virtual assistants

Our AI-powered virtual assistants keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. Using conversational AI, they enable meaningful and human-like conversations with candidates. They act on your behalf, providing a fulfilling experience at every stage of the recruitment process by addressing candidate questions, explaining job benefits, introducing organizational culture, providing status updates, etc. at any time, anywhere, on any device.

Intelligent communication

No candidate likes interacting with an automated chatbot with a standard response set. Our virtual assistants are powered by AI/ML/NLP technologies to interact with candidates intelligently in real-time. They offer a highly personalized experience that best suits the recruitment stage of the candidate, allowing you to focus on higher value activities. Conceptualized, designed, and developed to suit your recruitment needs optimally, the platform makes it easy for talent acquisition teams to engage in well-informed conversations with candidates.

Automated interview scheduling

With our automated interview scheduling feature, you can automate the scheduling process based on the hiring managers' and candidates' availability. Using AI-powered virtual assistants, candidates can self-schedule and reschedule interviews without your intervention. It streamlines and simplifies the interview scheduling process, saving time and effort and allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships with shortlisted candidates.

Omni-channel communication

Our platform engages and guides candidates across channels throughout the recruitment journey. It can help you reach out to candidates through email, WhatsApp, or SMS. Using AI/ML/NLP technologies and our content library, you can offer real-time personalized communication to candidates anywhere, on any medium. Enabling multi-channel communication helps keep the candidates engaged and reduces drop-off rates and hiring time.