Use cases for intelligent automation in recruiting

Mohamed Farook

May 23, 2022

In today’s challenging recruitment landscape, recruiters and HR teams are looking for ways to attract the best talent, identify the right hires, and gain a competitive advantage. The answer lies in using intelligent automation (IA) to increase hiring speed and accuracy while delivering a more engaging candidate experience for forward-thinking organizations.

  • What is intelligent automation?

    Intelligent Automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to streamline, manage, automate, and scale business processes. By combining the two technologies, intelligent automation enables software to make intelligent decisions.

    Right now, organizations across the globe are harnessing the power of IA to solve wicked problems and improve profitability. And the HR function is not immune.

    Intelligent automation is having a significant impact on many HR practices. Most notably, recruitment, where innovation is enabling better outcomes for organizations, recruiters and HR professionals and candidates alike.

  • Business use cases for intelligent automation in recruiting

    #1 Candidate sourcing

    Intelligent automation simplifies the process of creating, sharing, and analyzing job advertisements. Instead of handling multiple accounts across various channels, recruitment platforms can act as a centralized platform to manage all job advertisements.

    In addition, IA enables your recruitment platform to actively learn which channels are performing better when it comes to finding the best candidates. You can then optimize the channel’s efficiency, investing your people and financial resources accordingly.

    #2 Candidate screening

    Intelligent automation automates the candidate screening in accordance with role requirements. IA systems evaluate and keep track of existing employees’ experience, skills and other qualities and apply these insights to screen new applicants.

    Leveraging this data, the system automatically ranks and grades candidates to create a best-fit shortlist. IA can also convert identifiable personal information, such as that which may indicate age, gender or ethnicity, into non-identifiable information to eliminate bias and drive your fair hiring agenda further.

    #3 Candidate assessment and evaluation

    IA systems can automate the measurement and grading of a candidate’s skills, cognitive ability, personality traits and situational behaviors. This gives HR teams and recruiters a holistic view of their candidates, including their propensity to perform within the company culture, adding another dimension and providing certainty of skills.

    #4 Candidate engagement

    IA systems keep candidates engaged in real-time through virtual hiring assistants. Communication can be personalized to each candidate based on their questions, expectations and experiences, creating meaningful interactions that reduce attrition.

    The system can also score candidates’ engagement with the company, enabling recruiters to build deeper relationships with the most engaged candidates.

    #5 Candidate onboarding

    Intelligent automation can automate the background check process and procedures while onboarding a candidate. In addition, IA systems can check for any discrepancies in the candidate documentation to keep the process moving, ensuring a smooth transition from candidate to employee.

  • An end-to-end recruitment platform

    Intelligent automation can revolutionize the end-to-end hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, helping you attract and retain the best talent.

    impress.ai packages artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to streamline the entire recruitment journey to source, screen, assess, and ultimately hire the right candidate every time.

    To explore how you can drive better recruitment outcomes, increase efficiency and eliminate bias while saving time and money, contact our team at sales@impress.ai.

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