Online interview preparation – Tips for achieving success

Sudhanshu Ahuja

January 3, 2020

Online interviews have taken over the world of recruitment by a storm. There is a good chance of coming across them if you are looking out for a job currently. As opposed to face-to-face conversations, an online interview may seem like a different ball game altogether. Especially if it is your first one. It may seem awkward, and you may be afraid of goofing up your candidature. Well, you don’t have to be as here is a complete guide for mastering them.

  • What are online interviews?

    An online interview is a remote assessment where the applicant reads pre-programmed questions and submits the answers. Online interviews may use chat or video as the primary means of communication.

    Off late, online interviews have become extremely popular with organizations due to the several benefits they bring to the table. Recruiters can program a set of questions into the system to assess the candidates who apply for a given role. The system evaluates the applications based on the responses and gives them a score. Recruiters can use these scores to shortlist the most qualified candidates.

    Their main advantage is that they can considerably reduce the screening time. Since it is automated, every candidate who applies for the job gets an opportunity to appear for the first round of interviews.

  • What is the main objective of online interviews?

    The principal idea behind online interviews is to identify the most qualified candidates from a sea of applicants. As per glassdoor, every job opening attracts around 250 resumes. Recruiters may not get the time to go through every application in detail.

    An online interview is an automated process to assess certain competencies of the applicants. When these online interviews are coupled with AI, it can lead to tremendous results.

  • What is the process of an online interview?

    Online assessments are timed evaluations. It is advisable to begin the process only when the candidate is free from all distractions. Once the process starts, the candidate gets time to read the questions. The next step is to submit the answers in a limited time frame. Some platforms and organizations will give you only one chance to give your answers. However, a few others like Impress AI may allow you more attempts while giving answers. It is advisable to carefully read the instructions so that you don’t miss out any details.

  • How can you prepare for an online interview?

    Just like a face-to-face interview, you need to prepare for an online interview as well. You may need to plan more things if this is your first experience with a digital interview. Don’t worry as we have this aspect covered for you. Read the tips given below to ace this round and progress to the next level of your dream job.

    Know the company

    In general, it is always a good idea to read about what a company does before you apply for a job. However, if you couldn’t do it then, make sure you do so before your online interview. Hiring managers always appreciate it if you come prepared for the interviews. Certain interview platforms like Impress AI go the extra step and share company details with the candidates. For instance, the candidate can get a link, videos or information about company goals, vision, and mission, Although it is part of their employer branding exercise, such information can be extremely helpful for the applicants.

    Study the products and services that the company offers to its customers. Besides, you can also study the competitors to understand the competitive advantage that this organization has. You will easily get most of the information on the company’s website. Also, try to read up the blog posts to comprehend what is happening in the industry and how they are managing change with their new offerings.

    You can also set Google alerts to stay updated with the latest news about the company. It will also help to read what the customers are saying about the company’s products.

    Studying these aspects will make you sound like an informed candidate. Correlate how your qualities will support the organization’s vision. Try to quote examples from your research to clear this round with flying colours. Such inputs will make you seem like a qualified candidate who is well-informed and perceptive.

    Understand the culture

    Learning about an organization’s existing culture is highly recommended to ensure that you are a good fit. This activity may seem time-consuming but will save you making a wrong career move. Besides, hiring managers prefer to select candidates whose goals and ambitions align with that of an organization. For instance, a company may be aggressive towards achieving its targets. This aggression may trickle down the ladder. The managers may expect similar behavior from their team members. In another case, a product-based IT company may value creativity and out of the box thinking to resolve their challenges.

    To know more about a company’s culture, you can visit online review sites. Of course, such reviews should always be taken with a pinch of salt. However, if there is a common sentiment running through the reviews, you may consider it to be a red flag. Another simple tactic is to go through your LinkedIn connections and contact the ones who have experience with the place. You can freely ask them questions to figure out if it is the right workplace for you.

    Besides, online platforms such as Impress helps the candidates with a glimpse into an organization’s culture. The candidate can direct questions about the work-life balance, working hours, etc. to the recruitment chatbots on the platform and get relevant answers.

    Appreciate the opportunity

    As per a survey by Jobvite, only 1 in 6 candidates who apply for a job get the chance to make it to the interview. The concept of online interviews may seem new to you and in certain cases, unnecessary. However, these digital interviews provide every single candidate with a chance to make a solid case for the candidature. In several cases, the resume may not indicate if the applicant is qualified for the role on offer. In such situations, online interviews help applicants with an avenue to share their expertise and skills.

    It is our suggestion to welcome the change and embrace the opportunity. Try to use these online interviews to your advantage by flaunting your skills. Give it your best shot and plan well to make it a success.

    Understand the objective of the online interview

    Consider an online interview as a primary assessment tool. Your resume may not do justice to your profile and capabilities. An online assessment is your window to flaunt and elaborate on your skills. The main purpose of online interviews is to reach out to every candidate to shortlist the most suitable ones for the next round. Video assessments may be used to understand if you are confident and can express your viewpoints cohesively and quickly.

    Prepare for the questions

    Online interviews are structured interviews. These are the same set of questions that are administered to several candidates like you. Depending upon the role, these questions may want to check your managerial or technical skills. Here is a sample list for an online interview, although not a comprehensive one, to give you an idea.

    1. Educational Background
    2. Work experience related to the role
    3. Skills and expertise
    4. Notice period

    Although the questions are pretty straightforward, it is a good idea to rehearse them before you submit your answers. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any crucial details related to your candidature. It will also help to read your reply before pressing the ‘enter’ button. This can ensure that you provide complete information and your responses are free from any grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, it is advisable to answer to the point to enhance your chances of success.

    Other aspects

    Chat interviews offer a lot of flexibility to the candidates and can be taken from anywhere. Most of the candidates use their mobile devices to take the test and answer the questions. If there is an additional video assessment, platforms like Impress AI ask the candidate if they would like to continue with it. The applicant is directed to the video platform only when the candidate hits the button to proceed.

    We would suggest you to pick the right spot if you are appearing for a video assessment. Make sure that it is free from any noise and visual distractions. To make sure that your video is perfect, you can make a trial video before you appear for the actual interview. Try to rehearse your answers in this practice session to understand if you are going wrong somewhere.

    Another aspect worth paying attention to is your clothes. It is advisable to wear business formals to indicate your seriousness about the job. Of course, you don’t have to go overboard and can choose something modest and suitable for a business meeting.

    Due to their several advantages, online interviews are here to stay. We encourage you to utilize this opportunity to your advantage. It is your chance to show that you are a deserving candidate. Use the tips given above to ace your online interviews with the utmost confidence and ease.

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