Managing your employer brand with HRTech platforms

 “The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

With the intensifying of talent scarcity, an organization’s need to elevate its reputation as an employer is more important than ever. Not only will a company’s employer brand impact its future ability to attract talent, but its effect will positively impact the overall business. 

But first, let’s talk a bit more about employer branding and why it’s important:

Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees, and key stakeholders. It refers to how a company is viewed by current and potential employees. Since an employer brand is not something you own, your reputation as an employer exists in the minds of candidates and employees, and it is shaped by their thoughts and impressions. 

  • Why is Employer Branding important?

    A good employer brand means a reduction of turnover rates by 28% and cutting costs-per-hire by half. Additionally, 75% of active job seekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.

    To be a little more specific:

    • It attracts great talent and retains existing employees
    • It reduces hiring costs
    • It boosts employee engagement
    • It defines and boosts your brand value

    But in order to maintain your organization’s employer brand, you need a strategy that includes a robust set of tools that automate monitoring, planning, and activating campaigns. And there are many tasks that can be automated or facilitated by technology. These technological tools help in executing many painstaking, repetitive tasks, while some leverage AI to make “smart” judgments about certain tasks such as data analysis or scheduling. When integrated, they can serve as a powerful platform to activate your employer brand. With respect to HR technology, there are many to choose from but you have to choose what’s right for your company by establishing clear goals for activating and monitoring your employer brand.

  • Here are some tools to consider for your employer brand strategy:

    1. Candidate experience tools

    When it comes to engaging with applicants, HRTech automation platforms are recorded to be more effective when compared to human recruiters. This is because they enable seamless communication, 24/7. That’s how automation indirectly makes the employer appear as being more responsive, thereby, strengthening the employer brand. 

    Impress.ai is one such company that streamlines recruitment automation solutions, ensuring a superior candidate experience

    2. HR Tech platforms

    HRTech platforms play an increasingly important role in boosting employee experience. They help keep employees’ satisfaction and also elevate employee engagement. For example, Impress.ai uses 15Five, which is a performance evaluation and management software, that streamlines employee experience with the company. Other HRTech platforms such as GreytHR, My Payroll, Talenox, etc have been used by organizations across the globe that helps foster a good company culture, which, again, is vital to employer branding.  

    3. Employee Reviews

     Keeping a track of your employee performance is now made easy by employer review sites. These help you see your company from the point of view of the company’s past and current employees. These sites also facilitate as points of reference for job seekers. Thus, having a high rating on these sites directly leads to greater attraction potential. Glassdoor is one such site. Monitoring the reviews on these sites will help you keep a track of your company’s performance and address problems that could lead to your brand’s downfall.

    4. Social  Media Channels

    Although this isn’t directly an HR tech platform, it does facilitate as one. Here’s how- brand communication via social media has a significant impact on building & maintaining employer brands. Candidates usually engage with the company via its social media channels, and it is important to maintain a stellar employer reputation in order to keep them engaged. Some of these channels include social networks like GitHub, LinkedIn, slack community, job portals, etc.

     You can also use social media tools to tailor your brand’s communication by using strategies that work for your competitors. Using all the insights derived via what your audience has to say about your brand helps you know your customers better and improve your marketing strategy. Tools such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and Mention are a few specific examples that can be used for building your brand. 

  • In conclusion:

    There are many HT tech platforms available in today’s tech-driven marketplace to help strengthen your employer brand. But, how well you utilize these platforms and invest in the right ones for your company, are decisions that could make your brand everything you’ve envisioned it to be. And because today’s HR tech leverages artificial intelligence to make “smart” judgments- when integrated, it can serve as a powerful platform to activate your employer brand.

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