How to use a recruitment automation platform for conducting walk-in interviews


August 18, 2023

The recruitment of top talent is crucial, and with technology advancements, automation has transformed the hiring process. One innovative approach is to use a recruitment automation platform for conducting walk-in interviews. This blog will guide you through the step-by-step process of using a recruitment automation platform to conduct walk-in interviews.

Step 1: QR Code Scanning and Chat Interface

The journey starts with a clever method – scanning QR codes. Upon registration, candidates receive a QR code. With this code in hand, applicants can comfortably enter the chat interface of the recruitment automation platform, right from the comfort of their own homes. This first step eliminates the need for physical presence during the preliminary screening stages, thereby streamlining the process, and substantially reducing the recruiter workload.

Step 2: Resume Collection, Parsing, and Scoring

Gone are the days of sifting through stacks of resumes manually. With the power of automation, the platform collects resumes and employs parsing techniques to extract vital information such as skills, qualifications, and experience. What’s more, the platform scores candidates based on predefined criteria, ensuring that only the most suitable individuals proceed to the next stages. This systematic scoring and ranking system allows recruiters to objectively assess candidates, saving time and resources.

Step 3: Document Collection

In many cases, candidates shortlisted for interviews are required to provide supporting documents such as certificates and ID proofs. The automation platform enables efficient document collection, eliminating the need for candidates to carry physical copies. By simply uploading these documents online, candidates can seamlessly meet this requirement, further simplifying the process.

Step 4: Assessment Triggering

Candidates who successfully clear the initial screening phase are then presented with assessments tailored to the job role. These assessments are strategically designed to evaluate specific skills and competencies required for the position. The platform ensures that only candidates who demonstrate the necessary skills proceed to the next stage, enhancing the accuracy of the selection process.

Step 5: Digital Reference Check

References play a crucial role in validating a candidate’s suitability for a role. The recruitment automation platform streamlines this process by digitally reaching out to references provided by candidates. This automated reference check ensures that the information gathered is consistent and unbiased.

Step 6: Automated Interview Scheduling

With the initial screening completed, a selected group of candidates advances to the next stage. This is where the recruitment automation platform’s automated interview scheduling comes into play. This powerful feature eliminates the hassle of coordinating schedules manually. Instead, candidates are presented with pre-arranged interview slots that consider both their availability and that of the HR managers. Candidates can choose the most suitable time slot, and the platform promptly confirms the selection. Notifications are then sent to both the candidate and the HR manager.


Conducting walk-in interviews using a recruitment automation platform is a transformative approach that optimizes the entire hiring process. This method combines technological advancements with traditional interview practices, resulting in a streamlined and effective way to identify top talent. From QR code entry and resume parsing to skill assessments and automated interviews, every step contributes to an efficient and accurate recruitment process. As organizations continue to seek ways to enhance their hiring strategies, embracing recruitment automation platforms is a step toward securing the best candidates for their teams.

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