How to improve your candidate experience through recruitment automation platforms


February 10, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to make the recruitment process more efficient and enjoyable for your candidates? The answer may be simpler than you think. With recruitment automation platforms, you can streamline the entire process and provide a better candidate experience along the way.

In this article, we’ll explain what recruitment automation platforms are and how they can help improve your candidate experience. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right platform for your organization. You’ll learn why recruitment automation is a must-have in today’s job market and why it is important to offer a high-quality candidate experience. So, let’s get started!

Recruitment automation platforms are software products that help manage job postings and other aspects of the recruiting process. They automate tasks like job posting, resume collection, data management, and even background check processing – all of which save employers time and money while also providing candidates with an improved experience. With recruitment automation platforms, employers can quickly source high-quality candidates who are more likely to accept a job offer.

Using such platforms allows employers to control every stage of the recruitment process while still providing exceptional candidate experiences that will lead to greater retention rates and improved talent acquisition outcomes over time.

The current state of the candidate experience

The current state of candidate experiences is far from ideal. Candidates usually face common challenges such as a lack of communication during the recruitment process and a lack of feedback after submitting their application. Long and complex application processes are also common, which can result in frustration and can even negatively impact the employer brand and talent acquisition outcomes. In addition, companies often lack consistency when dealing with candidates because communication is often handled by different team members during different stages of the recruitment process.

These challenges can result in candidates not feeling valued or heard which is why it is essential for companies to provide an improved candidate experience that encourages people to apply and stay engaged throughout the entire recruitment process.

How recruitment automation platforms can improve candidate experience

Do you want to know the key to improving your candidate experience? It’s all about streamlining the recruitment process. And that is where recruitment automation platforms come in. Recruitment automation platforms help you to filter applicants quickly and accurately, so you can save time and ensure that the top-performing candidates get through to the interview phase. With these tools, you can also easily track resumes and applications, making sure that none of your candidates fall through the cracks.

But a good recruitment automation platform isn’t just about speed. Here are some other ways that an automated platform can benefit your candidate experience:

  • Faster screening time: Recruitment automation platforms offer the ability to screen candidates faster, enabling organizations to quickly identify the best talent. Automated resume screening and sorting can quickly and accurately identify the best candidates, saving time and resources for the employer. Additionally, the use of video interviews and gamified assessments can provide a more efficient evaluation process, allowing organizations to identify top candidates faster.
  • Increase diversity: One of the benefits of recruitment automation platforms is the ability to increase diversity in the hiring process. The use of objective and automated evaluation methods can reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process, allowing organizations to identify a wider pool of diverse candidates. Additionally, the ability to collect and analyze candidate experience data can provide valuable insights into the diversity of the candidate pool and the organization’s overall hiring process.
  • Enhanced Candidate Engagement: Automation allows you to send automated emails throughout the recruitment process, keeping your candidates informed at every stage of their application journey.

Choosing the right recruitment automation platform

When you are shopping around for a recruitment automation platform, there are certain features and capabilities you should look for. Of course, your specific needs may vary, depending on the industry or role(s) you are looking to fill. But some key features to consider include:

  • Automated screening: The best recruitment automation platforms can help automate much of the screening process. This includes collecting data from candidates and assessing their skills, qualifications, or experience required for a position. Automated screening can help save time and money by quickly eliminating many applicants who donate to fit the profile for a specific requirement.
  • Real-time engagement: A great recruitment automation platform should also provide real-time engagement with candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters. This will give you instant feedback on how your recruitment process is progressing, so you can keep track of each step in the hiring process and make changes accordingly.
  • Intelligent communication: Communication is key when it comes to engaging with potential candidates. A good recruitment automation platform can provide intelligent communication with all stakeholders throughout the recruiting process, keeping applicants informed and engaged with tailored messages regarding their status updates or the next steps in the hiring process.
  • Next-gen talent evaluation: Recruitment automation platforms should offer the ability to evaluate talent in new and innovative ways. They must have the ability to implement video interviews and gamified assessments that can provide a more engaging and interactive evaluation process, to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s skills and abilities.
  • Data collection and analysis: The platform should be able to offer detailed analytics on each stage of the recruitment process, which allows recruitment teams to identify any areas where they could make improvements or adjustments for better results. Additionally, the use of advanced reporting and analytics capabilities can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s performance and preferences, enabling organizations to make more informed hiring decisions.

Ultimately, when evaluating any recruitment automation vendor and their offering, be sure that they are committed to providing an excellent candidate experience during the entire recruitment process from pre-recruiting to onboarding, and that their available features will help provide such an experience for your organization.

Best practices for implementing recruitment automation platforms

  • Involve key stakeholders: The best way to ensure that your recruitment automation platform provides an improved, seamless candidate experience is to involve all key stakeholders from the start. This means asking HR and IT teams for their input on what recruitment systems to use and for recommendations. In addition, managers should be consulted on how to measure candidate experience with metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and Candidate Experience Surveys (CES).
  • Develop a clear strategy and plan: Once you know who the key stakeholders are, it’s time to develop a clear strategy and plan of action. This will help ensure that the recruitment automation platform is the right fit for your organization, as well as set realistic goals that you can measure and track over time. Once you have a clear strategy in place, you’ll be able to focus on creating a fantastic candidate experience by optimizing job postings, streamlining applications, improving onboarding processes, and more.
  • Ensure a seamless candidate experience: Finally, once you have implemented the recruitment automation platform into your organization’s workflow, it is important to track how candidates feel about their experiences using it. You can measure this by using online surveys or tracking user feedback in order to stay up-to-date on what works well and what needs improvement so that you can continue providing an enhanced candidate experience.


To sum it up, candidate experience is an essential part of the recruitment process. Investing in recruitment automation platforms can help you to improve your candidate experience and make you stand out from the rest of the competition. With automated recruitment platforms, you can streamline your workflow, quickly assess talent, and provide real-time feedback that allows candidates to feel informed throughout their application processes.

Furthermore, hiring efficient recruiters will become easier as recruitment automation platforms are optimized for better talent acquisition outcomes. Your recruiters will be able to spend time on more valuable tasks like building relationships with candidates, identifying potential future hires, and engaging with potential customers.

Ultimately, investing in advanced recruitment automation solutions is key to creating a robust and efficient recruitment experience that both employers and job seekers will benefit from.

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