How recruitment automation platforms are shortening the hiring process


December 7, 2022

When it comes to recruitment, time is of the essence. The quicker you can find the right candidate, the better. That’s where the recruitment automation platforms come in. These platforms help to simplify and automate routine tasks, reducing manual efforts, time, and cost, as well as improving the quality of hires. They also help to improve the ability to find and hire the right candidate.  All in all, recruitment automation platforms are a great way to shorten your recruitment process and improve your bottom line.

Understanding the recruitment automation platform

A recruitment automation platform can help streamline the recruitment process by automating many of the tasks involved. This can include everything from sourcing, sorting, and rating resume to conducting interviews and tracking candidates.

What this means is that your team can use their time more effectively and make better hires. Recruitment automation platforms leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies to analyze, evaluate, and understand the job as well as candidate capabilities, and preferences without bias, meaning that the best candidates are matched with the right role quickly and efficiently.

The automation process is also more accurate and fairer than the traditional manually driven recruitment process. There is no risk of human bias influencing the decision-making process, and the platform can objectively assess and evaluate the candidates against open positions.

Candidate screening

One of the biggest benefits of using a recruitment automation platform is the ability to automate the screening process and quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. Instead of manually reviewing resumes one by one, you can set automated parameters to screen through the resumes and eliminate any that don’t match the criteria you’re looking for.  This helps you quickly narrow down your list of potential candidates for each position and enables you to focus more on interviewing qualified applicants rather than sifting through hundreds of unqualified ones.

Candidate assessments and evaluation

Recruiters often lose valuable time surveying the huge pile of resumes that come in for each job opening. With automated screening through AI, recruiters can save precious time as resumes can be quickly sifted through and only the top few potential candidates are presented for further evaluation.

Moreover, with machine learning and natural language processing, AI can be taught to assess candidates using criteria such as experience, relevant expertise, job history, and cultural fit and all of which a recruiter’s human eye may overlook or misjudge. This allows recruiters to assess candidates’ skills, expertise, and suitability and make unbiased hiring decisions that align with hiring goals while saving them both time and money.

Candidate engagement

One of the most time-consuming and important aspects of recruiting is candidate engagement, but this can be quite easily streamlined with the help of an AI-powered automation platform.

For example, when a job is posted, AI-powered platforms can take over the initial screening process by searching through databases for potentially suitable applicants. It can also filter out irrelevant CVs and resumes as well as schedule interviews automatically. After this, automated emails and text messages can be sent to remind candidates about their upcoming meetings.

Plus, automated engagement tools allow recruiters to track a candidate’s journey throughout the recruitment process, allowing them to better understand why they did or didn’t get hired. This helps create a more efficient recruitment process overall as recruiters don’t have to manually keep tabs on every single applicant throughout their journey – leaving them free to focus on what truly matters: finding and hiring the very best talent for the job!


The benefits of using an AI-powered recruitment automation platform are clear: a shorter recruitment process, improved candidate quality, and increased efficiency.

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