How can resume matching and scoring help you find your next hire?


December 27, 2022

Imagine you could have a recruitment platform that would read through every resume and only show you the ones that are a good fit for the job you’re trying to fill. You wouldn’t have to read through every resume yourself, or even have a human look at them. You could just sit back and relax while the computer does all the work for you.

Now, imagine that this software not only shows you good resumes, but it also rates and ranks them so you can easily shortlist which ones are the best. This would be an incredible time and cost saver, and it would help you to find the best candidates for your open positions.

This is exactly what resume matching and scoring can do for you. By using keywords and other different parameters, these systems can quickly identify which resumes are the best match for the open positions. They can also rate and rank the resumes so you can see at a glance which ones are the best fit.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Resume matching and scoring is a real thing, and they can help you find your next hire accurately. In this article, we’ll explain what resume matching and scoring is, how it works, and why it’s such an important tool for finding the best candidates.

How do resume matching and scoring work?

Resume matching and scoring tools come as independent tools or part of any recruitment automation platform. The underlying machine learning, natural language processing algorithms uses matching variables to evaluate the candidate’s resume for their education, experience, skill, cultural fit, and other parameters defined by you and provides a cumulative resume score based on the job description. These scores help you see how well the candidate’s resume matches the requirements of the job you’re hiring for. It also ranks candidates based on the cumulative score, which helps you quickly sort and target best-fit candidates accurately.

How does it improve the recruitment outcomes

  • Resume matching and scoring systems parse, score, and rank resumes based on how well they match the profile. This makes it easier to find the most qualified candidates for the job in high-volume hiring.
  • The tool eliminates human intervention throughout the matching, scoring, and ranking process, and the final output will be free from conscious or unconscious human bias.
  • When done manually, the evaluation metrics may not be the same for all candidates. The resume matching and scoring tool standardize the evaluation metrics for each job opportunity ensuring accuracy in hiring.
  • Creates quality candidate pipeline. Candidates who possess desired criteria will be shortlisted and ranked for the open position and non-qualifying resumes will be rejected in the first place itself. This ensures the quality of the pipeline.
  • Data-driven accurate hiring. Matching, scoring, and ranking resumes are based on the predefined criteria set by the recruitment team and are not influenced by human intervention. This ensures recruiters are shortlisting resumes that fit the role best, leading to accurate hiring.

Tips for setting up an effective resume matching and scoring system

Are you setting up an effective resume matching and scoring system that will help you find your next hire? Here are some tips to make your process as efficient and accurate as possible.

  • Include relevant keywords in the job description that clearly articulates the requirements and criteria. This allows the tool to match and score the candidate’s skills and knowledge and rank them accurately.
  • Make sure you consult the hiring managers while defining the matching and scoring criteria. In this way, you can ensure that the criteria are well aligned with the hiring manager’s expectations, and you onboard a quality hire.
  • Make sure the tools parse and evaluate the candidate’s qualifications accurately and efficiently. You can always use a dummy candidate database to check the credibility of the results and refine and customize the process if required.


So, what do you do if you’re not sure how to match, score, and rank a resume?

There are a few different options. The most important one is relying on a resume matching and scoring tool provider like impress.ai, which has experience in the domain and has offered solutions to similar organizations.

If you are searching for that one tool that help you with your hiring problems, drop a mail to sales@impress.ai and schedule a demo.

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