How AI-powered virtual assistants streamline multi-level candidate screening


August 1, 2022

Candidate screening enables recruiters to review, evaluate, and shortlist the best candidates available from the pool to build and maintain a suitable and sustainable workforce. Screening candidates for their skills, experience, education, and other parameters at preliminary hiring stages ensure that hiring managers do not have to sit through interviews with unqualified candidates, minimizing the length of the recruitment process and lowering the time to hire. It also allows recruiters to build a meaningful relationship with candidates and provides them to explore all possible avenues during an interview. 

  • Why should candidate screening be automated?

    In today’s labour market, recruiters find themselves having to analyse hundreds of resumes in a short time. As a result, despite its proven benefits, candidate screening becomes a very tedious task for them. It is impossible for recruiters to manually review the resumes of each applicant. As a result, some applicants may be ignored or inaccurately evaluated, leading to the loss of potential high-value candidates. A manual screening process also opens the door to the possibility of human bias in shortlisting candidates. Due to these challenges, many recruiters state that the most difficult aspect of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool. 

    By automating the candidate screening through any recruitment automation platform, recruiters can improve the recruitment process, achieve efficient screening, and enhance the overall candidate experience. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are leveraged to screen, assess and evaluate the candidate’s fit against the open position. Automation allows recruiters to focus and act on the candidate insights and can concentrate on other strategic HR activities like building meaningful relationships with candidates. Recruitment automation platforms also ensure scalability, making it easy for recruiters to expand their hiring operations with minimal additional efforts.

  • AI-powered virtual assistants and candidate screening

    AI-powered virtual assistants are envisioned to assist recruiters in the recruitment process. Leveraging natural language processing, virtual assistants extract candidate parameters such as experience, skills, qualifications, etc. from their resume and evaluate them with the job description. The initial screening and shortlisting of candidates can be conducted exclusively by the virtual assistants resulting in reduced time to hire, an efficient recruitment process, and allowing recruiters to focus on engaging with qualified candidates who are deemed a good fit. 

    Virtual assistants can be integrated with any communication channels of the candidate’s preference, enabling recruiters to maintain an omnichannel real-time candidate engagement while maintaining a superior candidate experience. With their 24/7 uptime, they can interact with candidates at their convenience and respond instantaneously to their queries. It analyses candidates’ responses and offers meaningful insights into their personality and fit for any open position by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

    Virtual assistants process substantial amounts of candidate data in record time, allowing recruiters to focus on making key hiring decisions and conducting strategic activities without compromising their hiring efficiency and candidate experience. It allows recruiters can reach out to a larger number of candidates without having to worry about processing their applications manually. Furthermore, end-to-end recruitment platforms providers like impress.ai are constantly improving and adding new features that leverage cutting-edge technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their insights, ensuring that recruiters are equipped with the most up-to-date means of optimizing their recruitment process.

    impress.ai’s virtual assistants are equipped with conversational AI that can understand a wide range of candidate responses and respond appropriately. Our assistants are further able to make preliminary assessments of candidates based on their responses and recommend good-fit candidates to recruiters. impress.ai’s end-to-end platform is equipped with proprietary machine learning algorithms that constantly learn from candidates’ responses and recruiter’s decisions and provide more relevant candidates and processes over time. Virtual assistants are the perfect solution for candidate screening and should be an essential piece of any end-to-end recruitment platform.

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