How AI is helping businesses ensure fairness in recruitment


January 23, 2023

Imagine you’re the head of recruitment for a large company. You’re responsible for finding the very best talent to fill your open positions. You’ve turned to artificial intelligence (AI) powered recruitment automation platforms to help you on this task.

That sounds like a great idea, right? Well, not so fast. You need to be sure that your AI technology is unbiased and doesn’t inadvertently introduce bias into the recruitment process. Unconscious bias is a difficult thing to detect because it’s unintentional. We all have biases, whether we realize them or not, and they can influence the decisions we make without us even knowing them.

In this article, we’ll explain how bias can creep into your recruitment process and show you how to use AI to eliminate it.

How can AI be used to overcome bias during the hiring process?

Most companies are only now waking up to the possibilities that lie within artificial intelligence (AI). And one of the most exciting applications for AI is within the area of recruitment.

AI can help overcome bias during the hiring process by doing a few key things. Firstly, it can help identify patterns in resumes and candidates that may otherwise be missed by humans. This helps to reduce unconscious bias, as well as any unintentional discrimination.

Secondly, AI-based recruitment platforms can be used to score candidates on various qualities and skills. This takes the subjectivity out of the process and ensures that the best candidate is chosen, regardless of any personal biases that may exist amongst the recruiters.

Finally, companies can use AI-based recruitment platforms to ignore certain aspects of a candidate’s profile when deciding whom to hire. For example, if there is a lack of diversity in a particular role, then AI can be used to overlook this aspect when assessing candidates.

What safeguards should be put in place when using AI in recruitment?

It is important to have a number of safeguards in place to ensure that your AI-based recruitment process is making unbiased decisions while hiring. For example, you should set up measures to ensure that candidates’ resumes are evaluated using the same criteria and that any demographic data collected on applicants is also used consistently between all applicants.

It is also essential to create a transparent and auditable recruiting process. This way, you can be sure the AI technology you are using is making unbiased decisions based on qualifications rather than any other factors. You should also have internal oversight of the AI-based recruitment system and make sure any decisions made by the AI system are reviewed by a human before being finalized.

Finally, it is important to stay on top of changes in regulations governing AI-enabled hiring processes and update your systems accordingly. Doing this will help ensure you remain compliant and reduce any legal exposure to bias or discrimination.

How can recruitment teams use AI to create a fairer recruitment process?

As a talent acquisition professional, you know that the recruitment process can be long and tedious. But what you may not know is that AI-driven solutions can help make it fairer for everyone involved.

AI-based recruitment systems can identify unconscious biases in hiring processes and eliminate them from the equation. This can be based on job requirements and expectations and includes data analysis to ensure that no one candidate is discriminated against.

Additionally, AI-driven recruitment solutions are great for validating data output to reduce any underlying bias. For example, smart resumes and assessments made with AI can give recruiters access to objective information about candidates’ like their qualifications, experience, and skills so they don’t fall prey to stereotypes or preconceived notions of candidates based on their gender or ethnicity.

And finally, AI-based assessments and evaluations are a great way to standardize the recruitment process by providing all applicants with the same questions to compare candidates in a fair manner. By using AI-based solutions across the board, recruitment teams can create a fairer recruitment process without any extra effort or resources needed on their part.


It’s crucial that you’re aware of the unconscious biases that could be influencing your recruitment process and take steps to eliminate them. Thankfully, AI-driven recruitment tools can help you do just that. By using these tools, you can ensure that your recruitment process is fair and unbiased.

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