Challenges faced by TA teams in meeting the market need for CX


June 13, 2022

The last decade has witnessed many profound changes in the HR world. Technology has been the driving force behind this transformation. The global pandemic has truly revolutionized where and how work is done. This also brings long new challenges for talent acquisition teams.

Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges that TA teams face:

  • Multiple silos & systems

    Managers and employees regularly complain about the perplexing “maze” of functions and lack of responsibility when it comes to resolving a people related issue.

  • Lack of a data-driven approach

    Without better technology and all employee data available in a single system, recruiters will be hard-pressed to deliver the optimal head count needed to deliver on business goals. Data driven recruiting enables you to use tangible data to make better-informed hiring decisions and increase your quality of hire.

  • Decentralized recruitment process leading to cost leakages

    A decentralized recruitment process results in a disorganized & fragmented hiring process, with differing recruitment standards, procedures, and pay grades. Along with this, a lack of coordination across the board results in cost leakage. Moreover, the time spent on evaluating all applications and resolving repetitive queries makes the hiring process tiresome. The lack of comparative data on candidates to substantiate hiring decisions on transparency decentralizes the recruitment process.

  • Hiring bias due to traditional recruiting methods

    Companies often pride themselves on their workforce diversity. However, having recruiting biases can limit your talent acquisition goals during the hiring process. Everyone has internal biases, whether conscious or unconscious. Recruiters and hiring managers need to overcome their hidden biases to build talented and diverse teams.

  • Resistance to reviewing the existing process

    One of the most baffling problems that business executives face is employee resistance to change. The key here is to understand the true nature of resistance. Employees resist the social change that is generally accompanied with technical change.

  • Disjointed candidate experience arising due to lack of integration in tools

    When you integrate intelligent remote interviewing tools into your hiring process, it’s easy for hiring managers in all departments and locations to replicate the same experience for each candidate, ensuring consistency and a seamless candidate experience.

  • Lack of candidate persona mapping for a targeted approach

    Nearly 60% of candidates have a negative experience, and it’s often down to the lack of thought being applied to the candidate journey. Building a candidate persona can help you offer better experience throughout the candidate journey. Every time you connect with a candidate, you have an opportunity to build relationships and increase their brand loyalty. Candidate personas are a representation of an ideal candidate for a vacancy and they help you –

    • Get a deeper understanding of requirements from various stakeholders
    • Devise your sourcing strategy to target the right candidates
    • Create recruitment collaterals (job description, application forms, introductory material, emails) to get more fit-for-the-job applicants

    This excerpt has been borrowed from a white paper published by hrtech.sg,  in collaboration with impress.ai

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