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So, what are we looking for? We are a talent experience company. We want to make hiring and the selection process fairer and we believe that the way to do this is by focussing on problems in the candidate/recruiter experience. By making the experience better and removing the friction that makes recruiters act in sub-optimal ways (e.g. shortlist based on GPA because we don’t have time to look at more complex criteria, etc. ) we will achieve this goal. In order to achieve this vision it is necessary that we should not just be good at executing, we need to be constantly evolving and staying at the cutting-edge of technology. A big part of this is our RnD team.

Our RnD team is currently rather small with our CTO/co-founder, VT, providing the guidance and a full time junior employee in India with a computer science background who is working as an AI engineer. This will change in 2020. We’ve come to the realisation that without constant guidance from someone strategic, projects get stuck or end up going down the wrong path. Moreover, without a strong link with the product team and the management team in Singapore, it is difficult to come up with the right priorities and projects to try out (or abandon) based on company KPIs. We’re looking to fulfil this role with someone with work experience who knows not just how to handle stakeholders but is also experienced in technology. This person will have to have a good idea of the company vision and a good rapport with the executive/management team and should be willing to meet with clients to understand the market better. They should help define the strategy in terms of products that we can develop, identify strategies for solving these problems all with the aim of progressing towards the company OKRs (objectives and key results) that are pre-defined. They should have a problem solving mindset in terms of finding solutions that work rather than solutions that use the fanciest algorithms. Being an internal RnD team, the employee will have much more control over what projects to work on, prioritize, reprioritise. While the person has to be hands-on enough to develop simple things by themselves and gain the respect of the junior AI engineer(s), the bulk of the day to day work will be done by more junior AI engineer(s).


  • Experience in managing business stakeholders.
  • Experience building machine learning applications.
  • Knowledgeable in python
  • Expertise in docker and cloud services
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and keep abreast of the fast-changing ML environment
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