Software engineers are the lifeblood of impress.ai. They build the software that powers our platform, the dashboard that recruiters around the world use, and all the other cool things we build and release. We are looking to expand our team with highly skilled front-end engineers.

The ideal candidate should have a few years of experience under the belt and have the technical skill, competencies, and maturity necessary to independently execute projects with minimal supervision. They should also have the ability to architect engineering solutions that require minimal input from senior software engineers in order to satisfy the business requirements.

At impress.ai our mission is to make hiring fairer for all applicants. We combine I/O Psychology with AI to create an application screening process that gives an opportunity to all candidates to undergo a structured interview. impress.ai has consciously used it to ensure that people were chosen based on their talent, knowledge, and capabilities as opposed to their gender, race, or name.


  • Execute full software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Build and integrate new software components into the Impress Platform.
  • Document and maintain software functionality.
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing systems.
  • Comply with project plans and industry standards.
  • Develop flowcharts, layouts and documentation to identify requirements and solutions.
  • Write well-designed, maintainable and performant code that adheres to impress.ai coding styles, conventions and standards.
  • Work in cross functional teams with product managers, designers, QA, analytics and Ops teams to achieve business objectives.
  • Escalate to senior engineers in a timely and responsible manner so that business requirements are always met.


  • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Knowledge and some practical experience with React dev framework.
  • Experience designing interactive web applications.
  • 0-2 years of relevant industry experience.
  • Proficiency in software engineering tools.
  • Ability to document requirements and specifications.
  • Familiarity with Git and version control.
  • Good communication skills in English to work productively with a multi-national dev team.

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